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Sonya is an encaustic artist, from the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California, who focuses on florals and nature.  Many of her inspirations start with her photography of nature, some which can be seen here.  Sonya creates her encaustic pieces on birch panels using layers of wax as well as clay sculpting tools to give texture and three dimensionality to her work.

Sonya's favorite medium is encaustic painting, but also creates stunning pieces in alcohol ink, watercolors and photography.  However, sometimes the photos become the art themselves.  Many of her creations will have the original photograph to compare and may be displayed in the photography gallery.

The layers of wax are fused together with a propane blow torch as well as an encaustic iron and stylist.  As many as 8-10 layers of white medium (damar resin and beeswax) are used to "build" the relief of the composition and when satisfied, the final layers of color are added.

"My love of nature and flowers was encouraged at an early age by my grandmother.  We admired them together on hikes and trips to the nursery.  She often brought me flowers from her yard and taught me how to care for them in my own.  Later, as a floral designer, my appreciation and knowledge of flowers grew.  I believe this is the reason I enjoy painting their myriad of shapes, colors and textures so much now."

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