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Other Mediums

Even though encaustic is where most of Sonya's focus lies, she loves to create in alcohol ink, watercolor and photography.  Both alcohol ink and watercolor medium travel and flow of their own accord.  Sonya gives both her creative nudge.

Blue Flower AI_edited.jpg

 Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly-pigmented, and fast drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces.  Mixing colors can create a vibrant marbled effect which are evident in Sonya's art.  Although traditionally using Yupo paper for her canvass, Sonya has also created many custom tiles and glass backed designs. 

Watercolor is a unique art, with roots going back thousands of years, however gaining a foothold in art in the 1730's.  Watercolor straddles painting and drawing by using a pigment suspended in water-soluble medium.  Watercolor's uniqueness comes from its lack of texture like oil paints, the missing flatness and opacity of acrylics, and the specificity of ink and graphite. Much like alcohol inks, the watercolors create beauty by defying precision. 


"...white paper showing through a transparent wash is the closest approximation to light in all the media, and light is the loveliest thing that exists.  - Edgar Whitney

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